Frequently Asked Questions 

Before booking

How can I rent a tourist apartment?

If you are a future guest interested in renting a temporary apartment with Vanrays, you can book in advance with a minimun stay of 3 days. If your stay is shorter than 3 days, please check the availability with our booking team.

You just need to introduce the dates in our search engine and you will be able to check which apartments are available for your stay. Then, you can fill up the form with your personal information and other pieces of information needed to make the reservation. When you do this you only need to pay through our payment gateway. The price is established by nights you stay in the apartment plus the fee of the final cleaning.

If you wish you can make a pre-booking, or a query with the questions that arise. In our frequently asked questions you can find what is a pre-booking.

How can I rent a corporate apartment?

If you rent the apartment over a month, Vanrays considers that it is a corporate rental, with a price established for month. In this case, if the client stays half months, those single days are applied at the same price as the monthly rate prorated in days.

In this case, supplies (water, electricity and gas) are included in the monthly price, up to a limit. Our representative in charge of welcoming you at the property will take note of the data in your registration process.

Bed linen and towels are provided, with an additional change. There is also a set of amenities for each bathroom and another set of cleaning products (scourer,  cleaning cloth, garbage bags, tablets for the washing machine and the dishwasher).

The guest can enjoy the additional services, such as maintenance, daily cleaning, ironing service and other services.


How do I make a reservation?

To make a reservation you must select the dates in the calendar of each of our apartments available for your stay. You can book the apartment directly by making the payment through our payment gateway, or you can perform the following steps.

There is also the possibility of pre-booking up to 2 apartments at the same time for 24 hours, so that the client can consult with friends or relatives before making the decision.

If you wish, you can also simply make a query.

Can I arrange a visit to the apartment before renting it?

If you have consulted our team and you still have doubts about whether it is the right property for your stay, do not hesitate to tell us your request. We will do everything possible, within the availability of the apartment, to arrange a visit and show you the property.

Can someone pick me up at the airport?

When you stay with us, you have the possibility of having a driver waiting for you at your arrival at the airport. Our team will control the driver by gps on his way to the apartment.

Si viajas con un niño de edad inferior a 12 años, debes de comunicarlo para llevar la silla apropiada para el traslado.

Rellena el formulario de reserva que puede encontrar en el apartado de servicios para indicarnos más datos de tu llegada.

The costs of this service are:

  • From 1 to 3 people: 35 euros per trip
  • From 4 to 6 people: 45 euros per trip
  • From 7 people: 50 euros per trip

If you are traveling with a child under 12 years of age, you must notify them to take the appropriate chair for the transfer.

Fill in the reservation form that can be found in the services section to tell us more information about your arrival.

Can I change the dates of my reservation?

As long as it is on the same property, you can change the dates of the stay. If there is availability, it can be extended or reduced as long as the minimum stay is respected.

Do you make discounts for my stay?

All our properties offer 10% for those stays that exceed 7 days.

What is your cancellation policy?

If for any reason, you wish to cancel your stay, please tell our booking agents as soon as possible. Depending on the time in advance with which you notify us the cancellation, we will reimburse the following percentage:

  • More than 30 days 100%
  • From 15 to 30 days 75%
  • From 2 to 14 days 50%
  • Less than 2 days 30%

Can I block my dates in the apartment while I am deciding?

You have the opportunity to book up to two houses for 24 hours so you can consult with your friends or family to make the decision. Once this period has passed, the dates will be available for any other guest to book the property. Choose the two prospect apartments for your stay with our booking agent through our customer service phone or by email.

Can I pay the rest of my stay at my arrival to the apartment?

Yes, you must inform our team sufficiently in advance of the way you would like to pay the rest of the payment for your stay. You can pay in cash, or with a bank card.

Can I organise an event at the apartment?

We are delighted to be able to work with companies that want to present their product, shoot a film, a photo session or any type of event in our apartments. Our team will take note of your proposal to communicate it to the owner. Once we have the confirmation of the owner, you can make your event. Keep in mind that this type of rent has a different cost than a conventional rental.

Do you allow pets inside the apartments?

As a general rule, pets are not allowed in our properties. Anyway, you can ask our booking agents which apartments allow pets.


Who will I meet when I get to the apartment?

A representative from Vanrays will welcome you to the apartment, explain to you everything might need about the house and give you information and recommendations about the area and about anything that you need.

In the check-in process, you must provide the ID card or passport of the traveler who made the reservation to comply with the local law.

Can I do the check-in early?

We will do our best to meet your needs and, as long as the apartment is available, it will be possible to do an early check-in. You must inform our team as soon as possible of the time of your arrival.

Must I print any documents for the check-in process?

No, it is not necessary to bring anything printed for the check-in process. Make sure to bring your passport so that the person in charge of receiving you can make your check-in at the apartment.

During the stay

Which are the rules of the house?

Smoking is not allowed inside the apartment.

Parties or events are not allowed at the apartment.

During the night from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m it is NOT allowed:

  • Playing music or TV at a volume that neighbors can hear or talking very loud.
  • Walking on the floor with heels or especially noisy shoes.
  • Dragging furniture, suitcases or any object that generates special noise.

There is a problem in the apartment. What should I do?

If upon arrival you detect a problem or anomaly in the apartment, inform us as soon as possible to be able to repair it. Our maintenance team will go to the apartment as soon as possible to solve it. 

Is smoking allowed inside the apartment?

In our properties you cannot smoke inside. Smoking is only allowed outside, in those apartments that have large balconies or terraces.

What kind of coffee machine will I find in the apartment?

Almost all of our apartments have a Nespresso machine. In any case, if you want to have a filter or Italian coffee machine, you just have to ask for it, and our team will do everything possible to facilitate it during your stay.

Can I throw a party?

The rules of coexistence stipulated by the Community of Madrid must be respected in all our apartments. Music cannot be played after 23:00 at night.

Do I have anyone to contact during my stay?

We have a contact telephone from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 16:00. We are available these hours only in our mobile number on the weekends, not at the officce. Our emergency and contact telephone number is 0034 636 82 08 94.

I don’t know how to use this electrical appliance, what do I do?

Our representative in the city will explain to you during the entrance process everything you will need to know about the house, how each appliance works. If you need help, contact our team. Please note that our maintenance team is available during office hours for any request and 24 hours for emergency situations.

Can someone come to clean the apartment?

The final cleaning of the apartment is included in the reservation. But if you wish, you can contact us for a member of our cleaning team to at the agreed date and time and clean the apartment and leave a new change of sheets and towels. The cost of this service depends on the apartment, check the list of each apartment to know the exact amount.

Do you have ironing service at home?

If our guests wish they can enjoy the ironing service at home. The cost of this service will be € 15 plus VAT per hour. The minimum time for this service must be two hours.

Is the cleaning included?

When you leave the apartment you do not have to do any kind of cleaning. All our guests have the final cleaning included in their reservation.

Will the bed linens be changed?

If your stay is longer than 5 days, our team will leave an additional change for bed and two towels per person in the apartment.

If you wish you can request another change to our team. This service will have a cost.

Can I get a cot or a high chair for the children?

Yes, you only have to request the items from our booking agent and our team will leave the items you want in the apartment. Ask our representative for the cost of this service. The cot includes the bedding.

Which size are the beds in my apartment?

En nuestra página web, en el apartado de servicios puedes ver las dimensiones de cada cama de tu apartamento.

Are there any additional costs for exceeding the supplies (electricity, water, gas, wifi)?

We have great environmental awareness and we ensure the good use of energy and water in our apartments. Total supplies are included in the total rental cost up to a maximum. From that limit, the appropriate costs on the damage deposit will be applied.

How many sets of keys will I get?

In all our apartments there are two sets of keys. Remember to leave the keys on the table before leaving.

Is there Wifi in my apartment?

All our apartments offer free Wi-Fi connection. Please note that the inability to connect to the Wi-Fi network for reasons attributable to the operator are not Vanrays’ fault. In case of breakdown, we will try to solve it as soon as possible.


Can I do a late check-out?

For logistical, organizational and cleaning needs, the check-out time is at 10 am. Sometimes, if there are no reservations for the next day, there is the option to leave the apartment later. Otherwise, you can always request to store your luggage in our office. Ask us to know the schedules and other possibilities.

Can I store my luggages in the apartment?

In the event that there are other guests entering the apartment that same day, you can leave your bags in the apartment until 12:00 pm. If you want to store your bags more time, ask our team about this service.

Can I order a welcome purchase?

We can make a welcome purchase for you. You only have to list us the items you would llike to find when you enter the apartment and our team will ensure they are in the house before your arrival. Ask our team for the cost of this service.

Will someone come for the check-out?

It is not necessary for a member of our team to go to the apartment for the check-out. Please, be sure to do what it is explained in the next question.

What must I do when I leave the apartment at the check-out?

Please, before you leave the apartment, we would appreciate it if you did the following:

  • Don’t forget any personal objects
  • Turn off the air conditioning and all the lights / appliances in the house
  • Leave the two sets of keys on the dining table
  • Leave the door closed

After the stay

When do I get the damage deposit back?

The damage deposit will be refunded within 7 days after leaving the apartment. There may be an error in our deposit return system; if you detect that your deposit has not been returned, contact our team so that we can determine where is the mistake.

I forgot something inside the apartment. What can I do?

Contact us as soon as possible to inform us of the item you have forgotten and where it was located in the apartment. We will be happy to send your lost item to the address you provide us with. The guest must pay for the shipping costs.

Do you still have doubts?

Get in touch with our team